17 Battery Photos

Bob-Richard - Woolwich Bogged Down Paul Gater - Pete Williams - Mick Forster Busty Walker Capt McGlochlan
Capt McGlochlan2 Yanky truck Colin McGlochlan Colin McGlochlan2
Covert phone call Danny Daniels and Steve Jordan with Dutch tankies Donnald Partridge Dont Know - Mick Bradbury and Steve Jordan
Dont Know - Paddy McClean and Dave Pope Geordie Lockheart Hohne - Bergen-Belsen Honest John Larkhill 1972
Jed Doyle - Steve Jordan and Paul Gater Jeff Newstead Jeff Newstead2 Jeff Newstead and Pete Merell
Mal and his team Martin Buck Mick Houlihan and  Phil Dewey Mick Houlihan and  Romano Naceva
MT Break-out at Larkhill MT Break-out Steve Jordan and dont know who NI Training 1st time round Niel Bullock and Mick Forster
NItraining2 Paddy Lemon - Steve Jordan and Mick Dunn Paddy McClean2 Paddy McDowell and Maj Gordon
Pat Cunningham and Taffy Dillworth Paul Gater Paul Gater2 Paul Gater3
Pete Williams1 Pete Williams2 Pete Williams3 Phil Savage
Phil Savage2 Phil Savage3 Quinny and Taffy Richard Washer and Steve Jordan
Romano and his boys Scouse Nena and Dont Know Somewhere in Germany Steve Brooks
Steve Clark Bumble-Clat Steve Jordan - Steve Huxtable and Paul Gater 2005 Steve Jordan Steve Jordan2
Steve Jordan3 Steve Jordan4 Steve Jordan and  Frank Hughes Steve Jordan and Paul Gater
Steve Jordan and Richard Washer - Woolwich Steve Jordan D Troop Colenso Bty 17 Trg Regt RA Woolwich 1971 Steve Jordan snatching a wash in the cold minus 12 degs Steve Nye and Jimmy Rouse
Steve Nye2 Taffy Dillworth The Band The T-O-W Team
T-O-W Training Unhappy German Farmers Snatch Squad Training NI A Winning team 17 Bty T-O-W
Patroling NI Romano Naceva and Co Geordie Surtees Allan Mann
Ken Huxtable and Paul Gater Jock Bty Admin Paul Longhurst Taffy Dillworth and Gun Crew
Tanks on exercise John Huxtable Steve Huxtable 2nd Left Sandy Sanderson, Tom Smith and Mick Houlihan
Roger Vine Messing About Les Richards Top Dave McGurk Pig Dinner 1
Pig Dinner 2 Romano Naceva, Mick Houlihan Pig Dinner 3 Romano Naceva, Mick Houlihan, Mick Bali  Pig Dinner 4 Romano Naceva, Mick Houlihan Pig Dinner 5
Romano Naceva, Mick Houlihan Pig Dinner 6 John Huxtable 5 John Huxtable2 John Huxtable3
Unknown Porky Pig and Unknown Julian (Nobby) Clark Dale Byrne
Dave Lunny John Huxtable 4 Porky Pig, Dont know, Dont know John Huxtable driving an Abbot
Gun deployment Tank movement Gun area Gun deployment 2
Moving out Getting ready Getting ready 2 Gnr Dunk (Biscuit) and Geoff Newstead
Geoff Newstead Gun deployment 3 Gun deployment 4 Gun deployment 5
Gun deployment 6 Bridge layer Floating machine Gun deployment 7
John Huxtable in Training 2 John Huxtable in Training Gus Webster Rab Forsyth in Hong Kong
Rab Forsyth and Goody Canada Larry Cummings in the background) Rab Forsyth and Tam Forsyth in NI Rab Forsyth and Andy Hendry Hohne 1970 Rab Forsyth, Goody, Paddy, Sedgey F Sub
Rab Forsyth, Tiger Dooley, Albert Quin, Willy Dobby, Jimmy Keen, Andy Hendry and Alec Turner Denmark Stan Johnson, Scouse Hesketh and Rab Forsyth Pack Horse Pub Larkhill Larry Cummings, Jimmy Connors, Steve Browne (PTI), Rab Forsyth and Alec Carrol Rab Forsyth Hong Kong
Hong Kong Brigade Exercise Rab Forsyth and Co Rab Forsyth Exercise Crusader Umpire Dave McGurke, Jimmy Connors and Rab Forsyth Maize Prison Rab Forsyth Germany
Robbo, John Slowther, Bob Dally, Rab Forsyth and Scouse Bullock South Armagh Bob Daly and Rab Forsyth South Armagh Scouse Bradshaws Demob Party Packhorse Pub Larkhill, Rab, Honky, Brian, Trev, Kev, Jo and Kelly Stop Check
Neil Costello Terry Pitt and Mick Tranter Pat Harsmworth and Steve Connelly Mick Tranter
Geordie Hartas Bish Adam Northeast 17 Bty 26 Fld Regt RA
Andy ODonnell Capt Nation and Bob Thomas Jim Parker and Bob Pelling Kenny Cooper
D Troop Northern Ireland CVR(T) at Westdown Camp Bob Thomas Bob Pelling
Andy O'Donnell, Taff Evans, Bob Daly- Boxer Shorts on Parade Bob Daly and Geordie Hartas Bob Daly and Yorky Robinson Bob Daly (Golf in the Gulf)
Bob Daly Freefall Course Bob Daly Lang Lauf Race, Ex-Snowqueen Bob Daly NI 1975 Bob Daly on a captured T54-55 Gulf War 1
Bob Daly On Ex-Snowqueen Captured Vehicle Compound 2 Captured Vehicle Compound 3 Captured Vehicle Compound
Jim Parker, Martin Fuller OP digging in John Le Feuvre and Keith Yaka Smith Julian Nobby Clark, Dale Byrne, Taff Reilly, Matt Dale Dahlberg and Bob Daly Keith Smith (Yaka)
Last farewell drinks 17 Bty Bar Gutersloh - John Ellen, Geordie Pinkney and Mick Orsell Lindy Forsyth, Bob Daly, Taff Reilly, Rab Forsyth Mick Houlihan and Taff Jenkins Paddy Mahood, Don't Know, Scouse Tennant, Don't Know and Pete Clark
Steve Clark, Don't Know, Geordie Surtees, Bob Daly and Cliff Sedgwick Taff Evans Taff Reilly and Bob Thomas Vino Vincent Giving Bob Daly Advice (Steve Jordan) My tank without side panels
L2R Standing Unknown, Willie Doby, Jack Kenyon. Middle Dave Martin -Raddish-, Paul Hills, George McDonald, Mick Slade, Billy Laird.Front Matt Vine, Crow Hunter 17 Dortmund Fred Mint, Unknown, Yorky Pratt, also Jack Cockroft Pat Donnely, Paddy Vennard, Crow Hunter, Toby Gardner
Ian Tuck, Jock Graham Cameron, Johnny Poole Donkey Pollard, Unknown Jimmy Connors
Pinder, Tuck, Soulsby, Unknown Taff O'Brian Paul Hills Mick Collins, Mick Southcott, Scouse MacNally, Unknown, Taff Jenkins
Posing in Suffield Ken Huxtable Mick Houlihan Rab Forsyth, Snowy Penfold
Mick Collins and Crew 26 Echo Neil Costello and Moss Danny Daniels with Miss 26
Danny Daniels and Les Richards NCO's Mess Danny Daniels Kape Tour2 Danny Daniels with Miss 26-2 17 Bty Troop
Danny Daniels Kape Tour Paddy Mahood, Danny Daniels, don't know, don't know, don't know 17 Bty Paddy and Baron Remembrance Day 17 Bty Dick Mint Remembrance Day
17 Bty Ollie Remembrance Day Baron and Mick Collins Ferret Taff Jenkins Fire Mission
Hohne C Paddy 17 Bty Remembrance Day Ricky Baliski Taff Jenkins 17 Bty
1990-91 in Batus.  Connie Cole 1990-91 in Batus.  Davis, Davis, Davis, Mick Heron,Dont Know , Crawford, Coates, Circuit 1990-91 in Batus.  Glen Rees,Dont Know ,Dont Know , Crawford, Taff, Ronnie Rees 1990-91 in Batus.  Connie Cole, Bully, Sgt Ford, Mick Easby, Glen Rees
1990-91 in Batus.  Coates, Lawther,Dont-know , Trevor Douglas, George Pinkney, Connor 1990-91 in Medicine hat water park for r-and-r.  Glen Rees 1990-91 in Batus.  Crawford, Sulleyman, Connie Cole 1990-91 in Batus.  Connie Cole, Mick Easby
1990-91 in Batus.  Brummie Davis 1990-91 in Batus.  Circuit 1990-91 in Batus.  Glen Rees 1990-91 in Batus.  Dixon
1990-91 in Batus.  Pompey 1990-91 Medicine Hat water park for r-and-r 1990-91 Camp Ralstaln.  Glen Rees 1990-91 in Batus.  Sgt Ford, Trevor Douglas
1990-91 in Batus.  Sgt Ford, Connie Cole, Mick Easby 1990-91 in Batus.  Bully 1990-91 in Camp Crowfoot, Batus.  Bully 1990-91 in Ammunition compound in Batus.  Bully, Winchester,Dont Know , John Oliphant
1990-91 in Batus.  The Kidnapped Gnome on holiday 1990-91 in Batus.  The kidnapped gnome on tour 1990-91 in Batus.  Connie Cole 2 1990-91 in Batus.  16 and 17 Battery BBQ, Medman 4
1990-91 in Batus.  16 and 17 Battery BBQ, Medman 4-2 1990-91 in Batus.  Medman 4 Abbott line 1990-91 in Gutesloh.  M109's just back from Gulf 1990-91 in Gutesloh.  Sgt Salter,Dont Know , in 17 Battery Office
Col R C Shedden late RA 17 Battery Neil Costello Larkhill 1984 Command post Oman Jimmy Keen Salalah
Ken Holt and Paul Barber, Dhofar Ken Holt Romano Naceva and George MaDonnal Mick Bali and Paul Barber, Dhofar Mick Bali, Oman
Oman 52 Paul Barber and Baluchi gun numbers, Oman Paul Barber, Oman Paul Barber
Salalah beach Gnr Sweeney - BATUS (1979) Gnr Sweeney and Colin Ford - BATUS 1979 Gnr Sweeney (17 Bty) BATUS 1979
Gnr Sweeney (17 Bty) The dust bowl BATUS 1979 Gnr Sweeney with Mike truck - BATUS 1979 Pack lift - BATUS (1979) Gnr Sweeney - RnR (Canada 1979)
Gnr Sweeney (17 Bty Dortmund) (2) Gnr Sweeney (17 Bty Dortmund) Gnr Sweeney (Dortmund 1979) Gnr Sweeney 17 Bty (Dortmund 1979)
Gnr Sweeney BATUS 1979 Gnr Sweeney outside 17 Bty Dortmund 1979 Gnr Sweeney outside RHQ (Dortmund 1980) Gnr Sweeney outside RHQ (Dortmund)
Gnr Sweeney receiving his CADRE course certificate Gnr Sweeney RnR BATUS 1979 Gnr Sweeney unloading baggage in Canada (1979) Gnr Sweney - is it EndEx yet!
Lbdr Sweeney - 17 Bty Office (Dortmund) Paul Sweeney - Clerk AA course (England) Paul Sweeney - my first car (Dortmund) Paul Sweeney and Eric Chalkley
Paul Sweeney, Colin Ford (Montanna 1979) Paul Sweeney, Colin Ford (RnR Canada 1979) Fiji Parade 24.9.1983 001 17 Bty Alderny 1977-8