M Battery Photos

Battery Club Singlies Party All In One Drinks Night pre binge drinking Battery Bar Singles Jungle Night Gerry Haggerty post zulu warrior
Jack Barrett coppering up to buy Taff Billings a beer Jack 'The Hat' Barrett and his coat Jock Haggerty before joining Int Corps having difficulty expressing himself Jungle Night
Jungle Night  'The Rubber Tappers Ball' Jungle Night a selection of the inmates Ken from Rag and Oil inspecting the battery bar ceiling lights Monsters Ball with uninvited guests
Steve Lord, Taffi Hill and Chico Royce 'Tramps Ball Battery rugby team Airport Camp exhausted Bdr Grant and Scouse Birch back view Belize Mexico Border Left to Right Andy Anderson, Charlie Longstaff, Scouse Birch, Mick Bates and Steve Lord
Belize-map Camp near Punta Gorda southern Belize Combat Team North airstrip next to Holdfast Camp Combat Team North side view
Cooling down after patrol Diving for a cold beer Gringo Gill, Hes Hesling and Steve Lord cooling down post jungle patrol Gunner Morris I think
Hes Hesling and battery cookie monster Kev Abbot I think John Punter after falling off log Jungle Bunny Looks like Taff Hill
Pine Ridge  Belekin Beer drinking plus fellow bathers River at Pine Rigde Scouse Birch being serenaded by Steve Lord
Shooting the  rapids Steve Lord in the J Steve Lord working on his spare tyre Waterfalls Pine Ridge
Wilkie after a few Belekins