Royal Signals

The rear link detachment circa 1978 Cpl Mel Gowling (RIP), Sig Spider Whatley, Lbdr Bruv Reed, Gnr John Head. Our marquee barrack room. Practice Camp, 1969-70 Dave (Smudge) Smith, Lbdr Ken (Ben Bolt) Holt. Rear Link Det Practice Camp, 1969-70 Dave (Smudge) Smith, Rear Link Det Practice Camp, 1969-70
Sig Jeff (Spider) Whatley, Sig Dave (Smudge) Smith and 'Z'. Practice Camp, 1969-70 Gnr John Head and Cpl Mel Gowling, possibly the worst coffee ever! Hohne 1969. Gnr John Pillay, Spider, Me - Sig Ssmith, Gnr Gimpy Regtl Xmas Ball 1969. Roundhouse, Hohne Sig Geoff Copley, LBdr Taff Wakefield and Sig Moss Halliwell
Sig Spider Whatley Relaxing Gnr Gimpy, Sig Spider Whatley, Gnr John Pillay,  HQ Bty Office, ready for xmas dance 1969. Sig Jock McNeil, on excercise with G TP, Hohne 1969 Gnr John Head, Cpl Mel Gowling
John Head, Ken Hold, Dave Smith, Jock McNeil, Bull night, MB68 Hohne, 1969 John Pillay, Jeff Spider Whatley, Regt'l dance Xmas 1969. Roundhouse, Hohne. Dave (Smudger) Smith gardening Gnr John Pillay, Gnr George Hook, Sig Dave Smith, Regt'l Xmas dance 1969
Mel Gowling, Ken Holt, Jock McNeil, Dave Smith,  Pay day a 50 Mark note Sig Dave Smith, Cpl Mel Gowling, Regt'l Xmas dance, 1969 Sig LCpl Roderick MacDonald Commanding, Hohne 1969-70 Smudge on 0C
Spid Skiing Spid and Jock McNeil Spid and Ken Holt Spider
spie scrapyard gunbinnen Joe Harvey and Spider Whatley sheltering from the rain, Gunbinnen, Hohne 1969 Sig Smith Hohne 1969 Sig Smudge Smith, Gunbinnen, Hohne 1969
Sig Spider Whatley, Hohne day before going to Libya Spider at Gubinnen, Hhohne 1969 Spider going for a tow start, Gunbinnen, Hohne 1969 hohne 1967