26th Regiment RA Association
Royal Regiment of Artillery
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Dennis Price Late of 159 Bty.
Bill Shepard Late of the Regt.
Mick Burton Late of 159 Bty.
Peter Gore Late of 159 Bty.
Les Garnett MM Late of 159 Bty.
Philip Brewer Passed away in his sleep on Tuesday 16th October 2007. He has been very poorly with cancer. A true friend and a soldier to the core.
David Dobson passed away after a short illness on Tuesday 18th September at Kirkbride. Dave will be best remembered as a stalwart member of the 26 RA tug-of-war team who became BAOR champions in the 1960's.
William Thomas (Billy) Jardean Billy died on Monday 5th February 2007 at the age of 59, after a battle with cancer.
Douglas (Dougie) Edwin Naylor MBE Passed away on Friday 1st December 2006.
Steven Huxtable Late of 17 Bty, passed away peacefully at home with all his family around him at 13:03 hours 10th August 2006. He had suffered with cancer for over a year.
Lyn Standen May 2006.
Noel Kenny (brother of Sean) (16 Bty) passed away of a heart attack in February 2005.
Peter Gore (159 Bty) passed away in March 2005.
Brian (Taff) Davies (16 Bty) passed away on 6th August 2005 at the age of 58. He had suffered with cancer since the 2004 reunion which he attended with his wife Carole.
Dougie Rennie (16 Bty) passed away on 17th August 2005 at the age of 64 in the Fairhaven’s Hospice in Westcliffe on Sea, Essex, where he had been for a short time as he was only diagnosed 5 months prior with cancer.
Harry Greison (16 Bty) passed away in August 2005.
Bernard Gale (16 Bty) passed away peacefully at his home in Lincolnshire on Tuesday 13th September 2005. Bernie had been suffering with a heart problem for a number of years.
Bill Cross (17 Bty) passed away on Friday 30th September 2005. Bill had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for a few years.
Paddy Tyrell (HQ/55 Bty) passed away in September 2005.
Ramsey Penman (16 Bty) passed away on New Years Eve 2005 at the age of 74.
John Barker (76 Bty) passed away 23rd February 2005
"Gone are the days we used to share but in our hearts you are always there"
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Harry Johnson. Late of 16 & 17 Bty's.
Ron Bayes  Late of 16 Bty, passed away June 21st 1987 after suffering  a heart attack.
Pat. Wife of Peter (the Pay) Thomas.
Deirdre (De) (wife of Ray Howell).
John (Jack) Latham. Late of 16 Bty.
Pat Newell (wife of Ray).
Chris "Snowy" Penfold. Late of 17 Bty. Passed away on Friday 24th October 2008.
May. Wife of Ian Walton (M Bty RHA), passed away on Sunday 16th November 2008 after fighting cancer for some time.
Alice. Wife of Billy (Busty) Walker (17 Bty), passed away on the 11th November 2008. She was recently diagnosed with cancer.
Trevor Little. Late of (16 and HQ/55 Bty), passed away on 17th December 2008.
Wendy. Wife of Rick Kendell (159, HQ/55 Bty), passed away on the 17th December 2008. She was diagnosed with cancer eight years ago.
Dennis Neagle Late of HQ/55 Bty (Tech Stores), passed away in March 2009.
Robert (Bobby) Hunter Late of 159 Bty, passed away on Friday 3rd April 2009.
David Shaw Late of 16, 17, 159 & HQ/55 Bty's, passed away on Sunday 10th May 2009.
Rita Dooley Rita passed away in July 2009 after a long illness.
Ronald (Sam) Spencer  Late of 16 Bty, passed away on 10th December 2009.
John (Laurie) Summers  Late of 16 Bty, passed away on Thursday 1st April 2010. Laurie was the MT Sgt in 16 Bty.
Chris Medicott  Late of 159 Bty, died on the 17th April 2010.
Ken O'nions.
Mel Charlton.
Billy Jardean. 
Tony McNaughton  Late of 16 Bty, passed away on Monday 12th July 2010.
Go bravely into the next world, fallen Gunners...

They will all be sorely missed by family and friends.