26th Regiment RA Association
Royal Regiment of Artillery
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Pat Donnelly  Passed away in August 2010.
Kevin (Mick) Houlihan  Late of 17 Bty,  passed away on  18th October 2010.
Violet Walker  Honorary member, passed away on Sunday 11th July 2010.
Ron (Jock) Nicholl late of 76 and HQ Bty's passed away on Boxing Day, 26th December 2010.
Johnny (Yorkey) Holmes late of 17 Bty passed away in August 2010.
Bernie Hilditch late of HQ Bty passed away on 12th February 2011.
Peter Lawler late of HQ Bty passed away on 3rd March 2011.
Jenny Katani Passed away on 2nd July 2011.
Tony (Taff) Baghurst Late of HQ Bty.
Tom Hammond Late of 16 Bty.
Chris Askew Late of 16, 76 & HQ Bty's.
Marylyn (Mal) Fabri (the wife of John Fabri).
Andy Keenan  late of 16 and 159 Bty's.
Cpt Anthony Mallinder RA MBE Late of 26th Regt RA.
Roy Durant Late of 76 Bty.
Mick Dean Late of 16 Bty.
Tommy Patterson Late of 16 Bty.
Steve Cole Late of 159 Bty.
Jed Kind Late of 16 Bty.
John Muir Late of 76 Bty.
Dennis (Spud) Murphy Late of 17 Bty.
Rex Knaves Late of 16, 159 and HQ Bty's.
Bob Williamson Late of 159 Bty.
Tom Gardner Late of 17 Bty.
Go bravely into the next world, fallen Gunners...

They will all be sorely missed by family and friends.
Colin (Chicken Bone) Pittfield  Late of 76 Bty.
Peter (Lofty) Webb  Late of 76 Bty.
Zak Newton  Late of M Bty.
Baz Short  Late of 16 & HQ Bty's.
Terry Sexton  Late of 17 Bty.
Jack Wilson Barrett  Late of M Bty.
Sean “Paddy” Kenny   Late of 16 & HQ Bty's.
Paul “Capper” Cartlidge   Late of 16 Bty.
Manuela Mortimer (wife of Monty Mortimer)  Late of 16 Bty.
Philip Norman Jolley (Nobby)  Late of 16 Bty.
Barry (Baz) Raishbrook  Late of HQ/55 Bty.